Dr. Alexandra Galina Petre

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Dr. Alexandra Galina Petre is a machine learning and data science expert, currently leading and teaching various engineering modules in Coventry, United Kingdom. Her leadership and management experience is linked to her work in quality management for the Airbus A380 and her IET membership. She received her Ph.D. in user feedback-based reinforcement learning for vehicle comfort control with a focus on revolutionary heating ventilation and air conditioning SARSA-based control systems that can learn from the drivers preferential changes to the UI. Her research is focusing on how thermal comfort depends on the occupants inclination to manual control as outlined in the SAE paper published in 2019, and the development of a novel Java-based user model (UBL) integrated within a car cabin environment. She is working on deep RL implementations in Python and R-based statistical developments within various automation and control projects.

Books from Dr. Alexandra Galina Petre

  1. The Reinforcement Learning Workshop
    Start with the basics of reinforcement learning and explore deep learning concepts such as deep Q-learning, deep recurrent Q-networks, and policy-based methods with this practical guide