Dr. Edward Lavieri

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Dr. Edward Lavieri is a veteran software engineer and developer with a strong academic background. He earned a Doctorate of Computer Science from Colorado Technical University, an MS in Management Information Systems (Bowie State University), an MS in Education (Capella University), and an MS in Operations Management (University of Arkansas). He has been creating and teaching computer science courses since 2002. Edward retired from the U.S. Navy as a Command Master Chief after 25 years of active service. He is the founder and creative director of three19, a software design and development studio. Edward has authored more than a dozen technology books, including several on Java.

Books from Dr. Edward Lavieri

  1. Mastering Java 9
    Your road to becoming a Java Ninja begins here!
  2. Mastering Java 11 - Second Edition
    Update your Java knowledge with the latest features of Java 11, such as the low-Overhead Garbage Collector, Local-Variable Syntax for Lambda Parameters, and Dynamic Class-File Constants
  3. LiveCode Mobile Development Hotshot
    Create your own exciting applications with 10 fantastic projects
  4. LiveCode Mobile Development Cookbook
    90 practical recipes for creating cross-platform mobile applications with the power of LiveCode
  5. Learning AWS Lumberyard Game Development
    Create stunning 3D multiplayer games with integrated cloud-based features
  6. Java 9: Building Robust Modular Applications
    Mastering advanced features of Java and implement them to build amazing projects
  7. Getting Started with Unity 5
    Leverage the power of Unity 5 to create amazing 3D games
  8. Getting Started with Unity 2018 - Third Edition
    Learn how to use Unity 2018 by creating your very own 3D game while developing your essential skills
  9. Unity 5: Creating the Game Environment [Video]
    Learn all the skills you need to build your first game
  10. Unity 5 Game Development - Gameplay [Video]
    Get hands-on experience creating a game consisting of a user interface and an interactive level.
  11. Unity 5 Fundamentals [Video]
    Learn all the skills you need to start making stunning 3D games
  12. Unity 5 Audio and Visual Effects [Video]
    Add audio and visual effects to Unity 5 games
  13. Unity 5 AI and Physics [Video]
    Learn more complex 3D games
  14. Rapid Game Development with Unity 5
    Explore how to build market-ready games using the powerful engine of Unity
  15. Hands-On Data Structures & Algorithms in Java 11 [Video]
    Empower you to develop effective and efficient code within minutes
  16. Hands-On Design Patterns with Java
    Understand Gang of Four, architectural, functional, and reactive design patterns and how to implement them on modern Java platforms, such as Java 12 and beyond