Devlin Basilan Duldulao

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Devlin Basilan Duldulao is a full-stack engineer with over 8 years of web, mobile, and cloud development experience. He has been a recipient of Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award since 2018 and earned the title of Auth0 ambassador for his passion for sharing best practices in application securities. Devlin has passed some prestigious exams in software and cloud development such as MSCD, Azure Associate Developer, AWS Associate Developer, and Terraform Associate.

Perhaps it was serendipity that made him venture into the coding world after a short stint in the medical field; however, once he stepped into it, he fell for it hook, line, and sinker – but in the right way, he claims. Devlin often finds himself engrossed in solving coding problems and developing apps, even to the detriment of his once-active social life. One of the things that motivates him is ensuring the long-term quality of his code, including looking into ways to transform legacy code into more maintainable and scalable applications.

Devlin enjoys tackling challenging projects or applications for high-level clients and customers, as he currently does at his company based in Norway. He also provides training and consultation for international corporations. One of his other interests is giving talks at IT conferences worldwide and meeting unique people in the industry. Devlin is currently based in Oslo, Norway, with his wife. He is a senior software engineer at Inmeta Consulting Company, a subsidiary of the Crayon Group of Companies.

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