Davide Bedin

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Davide Bedin is a cloud-native architecture enthusiast, with strong and relevant experience with cloud platforms.

As CTO of an ISV, Davide led its significant transformational process with the objective of creating new solutions based on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Davide particularly focused on the evolution of distributed computing to service-oriented architectures, and ultimately microservices, spending most of his developer career creating web services.

As a cloud solution architect at Microsoft, Davide is responsible for the guidance and support of enterprise customers in embracing the cloud paradigm, a key enabler of their digital transformation; lately, he also plays with Dapr.

Books from Davide Bedin

  1. Practical Microservices with Dapr and .NET
    Use the new, enticing, and highly portable event-driven runtime to simplify building resilient and scalable microservices for cloud and edge applications