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Darshit Pandya

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Darshit Pandya is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect with over 9 years of experience working with clients to develop solid software solutions and architecture to solve problems.

He is working as a software engineer and he is also the founder of Think Digital Web where we help businesses to get end-to-end software solutions and digital marketing services.

He is a serverless evangelist, serverless meetup speaker and possesses a Microsoft and javascript background. He specializes in a range of technologies including C#, .Net, SQL server, React, Cloud technologies, CI/CD pipelines, and Serverless solutions.

He enjoys problem-solving to help businesses, and his current interest includes enterprise level software architecture, APIs as a first-class citizen and cloud architecture using AWS and Microservices.

He also has hands-on experience developing software in multiple domains like Travel, Accounting, E-Commerce, Banking by making use of appropriate patterns and practices.

You can contact him either on Twitter or LinkedIn.
twitter handle is @darshitpandya9
LinkedIn profile www.linkedin.com/in/darshitpandya

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