Daniel Arbuckle

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Daniel Arbuckle holds a Doctorate in Computer Science from the University of Southern California, where he specialized in robotics and was a member of the nanotechnology lab. He now has more than ten years behind him as a consultant, during which time he’s been using Python to help an assortment of businesses, from clothing manufacturers to crowdsourcing platforms. Python has been his primary development language since he was in High School. He’s also an award-winning teacher of programming and computer science.

Books from Daniel Arbuckle

  1. Rust Quick Start Guide
    RRP $23.99 Save 58%
    Get familiar with writing programs in the trending new systems programming language that brings together the powerful performance of low-level languages with the advanced features like thread safety in multi-threaded code
  2. Daniel Arbuckle's Mastering Python
    RRP $31.99 Save 69%
    Gain a thorough understanding of operating in a Python development environment, and some of the most important advanced topics with Daniel Arbuckle. This dynamic, concise book is full of real-world solutions for Python 3.6 problems, and advanced-level concepts such as reactive programming, microservices, ctypes and Cython.
  3. Programming Concepts in Python [Video]
    RRP $124.99 Save 92%
    Build a strong programming foundation with the popular Python language
  4. Mastering Python - Second Edition [Video]
    RRP $104.99 Save 90%
    Unlock the power of Python by learning effective application development strategies
  5. Mastering Python 3.x - Third Edition [Video]
    RRP $124.99 Save 92%
    Build high-quality Python programs