Dan Radez

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Dan Radez joined the OpenStack community in 2012 in an operator role. His experience is focused on installing, maintaining, and integrating OpenStack clusters. He has been given the opportunity to internationally present OpenStack content to a range of audiences of varying expertise. In January 2015, Dan joined the OPNFV community and has been working to integrate RDO Manager with SDN controllers and the networking features necessary for NFV.

Dan's experience includes web application programming, systems release engineering, and virtualization product development. Most of these roles have had an open source community focus to them. In his spare time, Dan enjoys spending time with his wife and three boys, training for and racing triathlons, and tinkering with electronics projects.

Books from Dan Radez

  1. OpenStack Essentials - Second Edition
    Untangle the complexity of OpenStack clouds through this practical tutorial
  2. OpenStack Essentials
    Demystify the cloud by building your own private OpenStack cloud