Cyber Academy

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Cyber Academy is one of the leading institutions in the Southeast Europe region to provide a hands-on program that dives deep into different subjects of technology using “Learn by Doing” methods. Their students are more focused on practical knowledge and skill development than pure theory. Their primary focus is cybersecurity, blockchain, and artificial intelligence.

Books from Cyber Academy

  1. Writing Secure Code in ASP.NET [Video]
    RRP $174.99 Save 97%
    Learn about the security capabilities that .NET provides out of the box, how they work, and how to implement them properly
  2. Software Security Testing [Video]
    RRP $199.99 Save 97%
    Master the industry standards and enable yourself to carry out professional assessments to secure technologies, as well as communicate risks to high-level executives, management, and technical staff
  3. Splunk for Beginners: Make the Most of Machine Data Using Splunk [Video]
    Unlock the features of the Splunk Enterprise version from scratch. Get your hands dirty to build a real-world web application where the user interacts with the visualized data.