Kumaresan Ramanathan

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Kumaresan Ramanathan is the principal architect at Coroman Systems. He is passionate about making technology easy to understand. He has taught students at the University of Massachusetts and guided software professionals at Cadence Design Systems, iCOMS, Empirix, Relona, and Johnson & Johnson. His goal is to help you earn more than $200,000 annually as a software professional. He focuses on teaching AI (Artificial Intelligence) and quantum computing because these are the highest-paid skills in the industry. His courses help beginners who have a basic understanding of high-school mathematics and coding. In addition to teaching technical skills, Kumaresan also helps you build leadership ability.

Books from Kumaresan Ramanathan

  1. QC051 Math Prerequisites for Quantum Computing [Video]
    Review basic math prerequisites for quantum computing and quantum physics
  2. Quantum Computing and Quantum Physics for Beginners [Video]
    Master quantum computing, quantum cryptography, and quantum physics with Microsoft Q# (Q Sharp) and IBM Quantum Experience.
  3. QC151 - Quantum Physics for Quantum Computing [Video]
    Non-mathematical coverage of superposition and entanglement. Intuitive and qualitative preparation for advanced topics