Codestars by Rob Percival

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Rob Percival, a best-selling Udemy instructor, wants to revolutionize the way people learn to code by making it simple, logical, fun, and—above all—accessible. He created Codestars, a team of instructors that create structured, interactive courses that make it easy for learners of all ages and levels to build functional websites and apps.

Books from Codestars by Rob Percival

  1. The Complete Python and PostgreSQL Developer Course [Video]
    Build 9 projects and master two essential and modern technologies: Python and PostgreSQL
  2. The Complete iOS SDK Development Course - be job-ready! [Video]
    Integrate Facebook, AdMob, Amazon, Google Sign-In, and other third-party iOS SDKs into your apps via Xcode 10, iOS 12, and Swift 4
  3. Careers in Programming: How to Get a Great Coding Job (2019) [Video]
    Accelerate your coding career! Find a great job in programming or app development in a new course from Eazl & Codestars!
  4. The Complete Kotlin Developer Course [Video]
    Use Kotlin instead of Java. Kotlin is a new language that makes programming for Android or JavaScript a dream
  5. The Complete Python Course [Video]
    Master Python and OOP concepts and structure your programs like a professional
  6. The Android Developer's Journey [Video]
    Learn Android App development via Android Studio, the Java Object-Oriented Programming language, together with Google Firebase
  7. The Complete Ethical Hacking Course [Video]
    Protect yourself from hackers and cyber attacks. Master penetration testing + build security and coding tools with Python.
  8. Complete Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Course | Learn Solidity [Video]
    Use Solidity, Remix, Ganache, Geth, Metamask, Truffle, and more to make Blockchain Dapps! Includes cryptocurrency know-how.
  9. The Complete Guide to Designing a Mobile App [Video]
    Build your audience with professionally designed, UX-friendly apps
  10. The Complete C++ Developer Course [Video]
    Discover how to effectively use C++ for building real-world powerful applications
  11. The Complete Java Developer Course: From Beginner to Master [Video]
    Learn the tips and tricks to become a proficient Java programmer and master the fundamentals of the language
  12. The Complete Pentesting and Privilege Escalation Course [Video]
    Learn and deepen your knowledge in ethical hacking topics such as pentesting and privilege escalation techniques while becoming a certified cyber security professional
  13. The Complete iOS 14 / iOS 13 Developer Course - and SwiftUI [Video]
    Learn iOS 14 development with Swift 5 + Xcode 12. Build apps, games (Instagram, Foursquare, and more), and also discover SwiftUI
  14. Master Math by Coding in Python [Video]
    Use Python to learn algebra, calculus, graphing, trigonometry, conics, and more math topics!