Colin Dow

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Colin Dow has been 3D printing since 2013 starting with the laser cut wooden frame version of the Ultimaker 3D printer. He has gone through a dozen or so 3D printers over the years from MakerBots, PrintrBots, early Prusa i3s, delta printers, and liquid resin printers. Colin has been working with OpenSCAD since 2014 using it with 3D printers to design and manufacture model rocketry parts for his model rocketry business. Through his aerospace workshops he has introduced many students to 3D printing including in-class demonstrations of 3D printing. Over the last few years Colin has been designing and building automated drones for his drone startup using 3D printers and OpenSCAD.

Books from Colin Dow

  1. Hands-On Edge Analytics with Azure IoT

    Design, secure, and protect the privacy of edge analytics applications using platforms and tools such as Microsoft's Azure IoT Edge, MicroPython, and Open Source Computer Vision (OpenCV)

  2. Simplifying 3D Printing with OpenSCAD
    A step by step full-color guide to OpenSCAD that makes 3D printing easy