Claus Matzinger

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Claus Matzinger is a software engineer with a very diverse background. After working in a small company maintaining code for embedded devices, he joined a large corporation to work on legacy Smalltalk applications. This led to a great interest in programming languages early on, and Claus became the CTO for a health games start-up based on Scala technology. Since then, Claus' roles have shifted toward customer-facing roles in the IoT database technology start-up, Crate IO (creators of CrateDB), and, most recently, Microsoft. There, he hosts a podcast, writes code together with customers, and blogs about the solutions arising from these engagements. For more than 5 years, Claus has been implementing software to help customers innovate, achieve, and maintain success.

Books from Claus Matzinger

  1. Hands-On Data Structures and Algorithms with Rust
    Design and implement professional level programs by exploring modern data structures and algorithms in Rust.
  2. Rust Programming Cookbook
    Practical solutions to overcome challenges in creating console and web applications and working with systems-level and embedded code, network programming, deep neural networks, and much more.