Christopher Reyes

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Christopher Reyes is a South California based software engineer, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems, with a specialization in software development. Who is passionate about test-driven development, and writing clean code. He has worked for many years across multiple technologies—including proprietary programming languages and full-stack JavaScript. With extensive experience of Node.js, back-end developing RESTful APIs with TypeScript and exposing data through GraphQL and Apollo, while utilizing React on the front end. Chris has utilized React Native to develop versatile mobile applications that can be utilized across multiple devices and platforms. He has mostly worked in the financial sector and has also freelanced for a telematics company.

Books from Christopher Reyes

  1. React Native in 7 Steps [Video]
    Get started with React Native development for iOS and Android with a single code base written in JavaScript
  2. React Native Projects - Second Edition [Video]
    Expand and enhance your skills by building multiple practical, real-world projects with React Native.