Cesar Bravo

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Cesar Bravo is a researcher and inventor who has more than 100 inventions related to cybersecurity that are being patented in the US, Germany, China, and Japan. Those inventions include cybersecurity hardware, secure IoT systems and devices, and even cybersecurity systems for autonomous cars.

He loves to share knowledge and he has been working with several universities to teach cybersecurity at all levels, from introductory courses for non-IT people up to a master's degree in cybersecurity (for which he has also served as a thesis director).

In recent years, Cesar has become a recognized speaker (including delivering a TEDx talk), giving international presentations about cybersecurity and innovation in the UK, Germany, Mexico, the US, and Spain.

Books from Cesar Bravo

  1. Mastering Defensive Security
    An immersive learning experience enhanced with technical, hands-on labs to understand the concepts, methods, tools, platforms, and systems required to master the art of cybersecurity