Burkhard Meier

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Burkhard Meier is a professional software test automation designer, developer, and analyst. He has more than 17 years' professional experience working for several software companies in California, USA.

He is the author of Python GUI Programming Cookbook, First and Second Edition. This book is also available as a Packt video course.

He is also the author of the Python Projects Packt video course.

In his professional career, he developed advanced in-house testing frameworks written in Python 3. He also developed advanced test automation GUIs in Python, which highly increased the productivity of the software development testing team.

When not dreaming in Python code, he reads programming books about design, likes to go for long walks, and reads classical poetry.

Books from Burkhard Meier

  1. Python GUI Programming Cookbook - Second Edition
    Master over 80 object-oriented recipes to create amazing GUIs in Python and revolutionize your applications today
  2. Python GUI Programming Cookbook
    Over 80 object-oriented recipes to help you create mind-blowing GUIs in Python
  3. Python Projects [Video]
    Build fun, scalable and robust solutions for Python applications
  4. Python GUI Programming Solutions [Video]
    Over 80 object-oriented tasks to help you create mind-blowing GUIs in Python
  5. Python GUI Programming Recipes using PyQt5 [Video]
    Learn to design a UI with help of PyQT5
  6. Python By Example [Video]
    RRP $124.99
    Practical coding projects to get you up and running with Python in no time
  7. Learn Python Programming with Games [Video]
    An amazing guide to learn Python along with a hand-on experience on game developing
  8. Hands-On Python 3.x GUI Programming [Video]
    Create complete fluid, interactive and powerful applications with Tkinter & PyQt5
  9. Mastering Object-Oriented Programming with Python [Video]
    Build robust and maintainable applications with object-oriented programming in Python
  10. Python GUI Programming Cookbook - Third Edition
    Over 90 recipes to help you develop widgets, forms, layouts, charts, and much more using the latest features of Python 3