Bruno Demion (Milamber)

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Bruno Demion, better known as Milamber, is a French computer scientist. Since December 2003, he has been working with JMeter to perform load tests in various missions and training courses. He contributes to the JMeter project, in particular on the translation into French of the graphical interface, corrections of anomalies as well as some behaviors (proxy HTTPS, new results tree, icon bar, and so on). He is currently a committer, PMC member and the PMC Chair of the Apache JMeter project within the Apache Software Foundation.

Books from Bruno Demion (Milamber)

  1. Master Apache JMeter - From Load Testing to DevOps
    Learn how to get the most out of JMeter, improve the productivity of your apps, and integrate JMeter with your Agile and DevOps processes.