Bogdan Stashchuk

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Bogdan Stashchuk is an experienced instructor (over 20+ years) with a software engineering background. He teaches complex stuff in an easy step-by-step manner. All his courses include practical exercises, which allow the learners to follow him from the start of any course till the end. Learners will perform all tasks the same way he does in his video lectures. There are a lot of challenging assignments, the solutions for which are discussed inside the course. This is the perfect combination that enables you to really learn and retain gained knowledge for a long period of time.

Books from Bogdan Stashchuk

  1. Understanding NPM - Node.js Package Manager [Video]
    Understand and practice NPM. Learn how to use NPM in Node.js, how to install NPM packages, how to configure NPM scripts
  2. JavaScript Variables Lifecycles [Video]
    Understand JavaScript Engine phases and lifecycles of the "var", "let", "const". Scopes, hoisting, closures simplified.
  3. JavaScript and ES6 Challenges - Do you know JavaScript? [Video]
    Solve different JavaScript challenges yourself—destructuring, hoisting, IIFEs, closures, classes, let, and much more
  4. Introduction to the MongoDB [Video]
    A short and friendly introduction to learn, understand and practice the fundamentals of MongoDB
  5. MongoDB Essentials - A Complete MongoDB Guide [Video]
    A Complete MongoDB Guide and MongoDB Shell
  6. JavaScript Bible - JavaScript and ES6 Bootcamp 2019 [Video]
    JavaScript, ES6, Babel, NPM, Webpack – an entire JavaScript ecosystem in a one JavaScript Bootcamp course!
  7. SSL Complete Guide 2021: HTTP to HTTPS [Video]
    Configure Cloudflare, Free Let's Encrypt SSL/TLS certificate, NGINX, and Apache web servers, create CSR SSL requests
  8. Complete Git Guide: Understand and Master Git and GitHub [Video]
    Master basic to advanced Git features such as commits, branches, merging, rebasing, and squashing.
  9. Apache Kafka Complete Developer’s Guide [Video]
    Learn core Apache Kafka features along with creating Java, Node.js and Python producers and consumers
  10. Linux Fundamentals [Video]
    Equip yourself with Linux skills and manage users, files, and directories from the Linux Shell confidently
  11. World of Computer Networking: Your CCNA start [Video]
    Master the key networking protocols and understand how computer networks work and communicate with each other
  12. Git and GitHub Crash Course [Video]
    Master the basics to use Git effectively
  13. Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp with React and Python [Video]
    Practical full-stack web development Bootcamp with JavaScript, React, Python, Flask, API, Git, and VS Code
  14. The Complete Practical Docker Guide [Video]
    Become a master of Docker by understanding and practicing its main features including Dockerfiles and Docker Compose.
  15. Kubernetes for Beginners [Video]
    Get solid hands-on experience with Kubernetes and be able to deploy any application into production using Kubernetes