Bhrugen Patel

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Bhrugen Patel is a passionate and creative software engineer with a strong focus on simplicity and thorough details. He has been programming since high school and was involved with multiple web and desktop projects using .NET. He has a master’s degree in computer science and a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. He also has many years of experience with .NET C# and .NET MVC. He enjoys teaching alongside his full-time job.

Books from Bhrugen Patel

  1. Advanced ASP.NET Core 3.1 MVC [Video]
    Build real-world MVC applications using Repository Pattern, N-Tier Architecture, APIs, Entity Framework Core and ASP.NET MVC Core 3.1
  2. Master ASP.NET Core 3.1 Razor Pages [Video]
    Build efficient applications in ASP.NET using Razor Pages
  3. ASP.NET Core MVC - Up and Running (.NET 5) [Video]
    Build and enhance a real-world functional website to explore the world of ASP.NET Core 5
  4. Blazor - The Complete Guide (WASM and Server .NET Core 5) [Video]
    Build a real-world resort booking website using Blazor Server, Blazor WASM, and .NET 5(.NET Core) API and deploy it on Azure
  5. The Complete Guide to ASP.NET Core MVC (.NET 5) [Video]
    Learn the basic and advanced concepts of ASP.NET Core MVC (.NET 5) by building two applications and developing them on Microsoft Azure and IIS
  6. Complete Guide to Unit Testing in .NET Core (NUnit and xUnit) [Video]
    Master unit testing with NUnit, xUnit, and MOQ with a real-world N-Tier web application with the latest version of .NET Core 6 and EF Core
  7. .NET Core Microservices - The Complete Guide (.NET 6 MVC) [Video]
    Learn the foundational elements of microservices by incrementally building a real microservices-based application with .NET 6