Bahaaldine Azarmi

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Bahaaldine Azarmi, or Baha for short, is the head of solutions architecture in the EMEA South region at Elastic. Prior to this position, Baha co-founded ReachFive, a marketing data platform focused on user behavior and social analytics. He has also worked for a number of different software vendors, including Talend and Oracle, where he held positions as a solutions architect and architect. Prior to Machine Learning with the Elastic Stack, Baha authored books including Learning Kibana 5.0, Scalable Big Data Architecture, and Talend for Big Data. He is based in Paris and holds an MSc in computer science from Polytech'Paris.

Books from Bahaaldine Azarmi

  1. Learning Kibana 5.0
    Exploit the visualization capabilities of Kibana and build powerful interactive dashboards
  2. Talend for Big Data
    If you want to start working on big data projects fast, this is the guide you’ve been looking for. Delve deep into Talend and discover how just how easily you can revolutionize your data handling and presentation.
  3. Machine Learning with the Elastic Stack
    Leverage Elastic Stack’s machine learning features to gain valuable insight from your data
  4. Learning Kibana 7 - Second Edition
    A beginner's guide to analyzing and visualizing Elasticsearch data using Kibana 7 and Timelion
  5. Machine Learning with the Elastic Stack - Second Edition
    Discover expert techniques for combining machine learning with the analytic capabilities of Elastic Stack and uncover actionable insights from your data