Avik Sengupta

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Avik Sengupta is the Vice President of engineering at Julia Computing, contributor to open source Julia and maintainer of several Julia packages. Avik is the co-founder of two startups in the financial services and AI sectors and creator of large complex trading systems for the world's leading investment banks. Prior to Julia Computing, Avik was co-founder and CTO at AlgoCircle and at Itellix, director at Lab49 and head of algorithmic solutions at Decimal Point Analytics. Avik earned his MS in Computational Finance at Carnegie Mellon and MBA Finance at the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore.

Books from Avik Sengupta

  1. Julia: High Performance Programming
    Leverage the power of Julia to design and develop high performing programs
  2. Julia High Performance
    Design and develop high performing programs with Julia
  3. Julia 1.0 High Performance
    Optimize your code to get lighting fast speed with Julia 1.0