Ashish Choudhary

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Ashish Choudhary is a software engineer and has over 10 years of experience in the IT industry. He has experience in designing, developing, and deploying web applications. His technical expertise includes Java, Spring Boot, Docker, Kubernetes, IMDG, distributed systems, microservices, DevOps, the cloud, and the general software development life cycle. He is an active blogger and technical writer. He has delivered talks to some renowned conferences such as GitHub Satellite India and Fosdem. He is also a strong advocate of open source technologies. He has been contributing to various open source projects for quite some time. Ashish believes in continuous learning and knowledge sharing.

Books from Ashish Choudhary

  1. Effortless Cloud-Native App Development Using Skaffold
    A practical guide to solving inner development loop problems in cloud-native applications by automating build, push, and deploy boilerplate using Skaffold