Ashish Aggarwal

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As the CEO and Technology Advisor of ANDD Techservices (USA and India), Ashish Aggarwal leads complex application modernization, integration, and API/SOA enablement projects. He has helped numerous industries, including telecoms, E&U, e-tailers, BFSI, and animal disease management implement API/SOA-oriented solutions. He has extensive architectural, operational, and development experience in multiple IBM integration products; for example, APIC, DataPower, ACE/IIB, and MQ. Ashish is a graduate of Harvard Business School and Delhi University.

Books from Ashish Aggarwal

  1. Digital Transformation and Modernization with IBM API Connect
    Successfully execute a strategic roadmap of digital transformation and modernize your enterprise with a proven API-led agile implementation approach by unlocking the full range of features in IBM API Connect Version 10