Arjuna Sky Kok

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Arjuna Sky Kok has experience more than 10 years in expressing himself as a software engineer. He has developed web applications using Symfony, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, and Django. He also has built mobile applications on top of Android and iOS platforms. Currently, he is researching Ethereum technology. Other than that, he teaches Android and iOS programming to students. He graduated from Bina Nusantara University with majors in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. He always strives to become a holistic person by enjoying leisure activities, such as dancing Salsa, learning French, and playing StarCraft 2. He lives quietly in the bustling city of Jakarta. In loving memory of my late brother, Hengdra Santoso (1979-2011).

Books from Arjuna Sky Kok

  1. Hands-On Blockchain for Python Developers
    Implement real-world decentralized applications using Python, Vyper, Populus, and Ethereum