Anubhav Singh

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Anubhav Singh, a web developer since before Bootstrap was launched, is an explorer of technologies, often pulling off crazy combinations of uncommon tech. An international rank holder in the Cyber Olympiad, he started off by developing his own social network and search engine as his first projects at the age of 15, which stood among the top 500 websites of India during their operational years. He's continuously developing software for the community in domains with roads less walked on. You can often catch him guiding students on how to approach ML or the web, or both together. He's also the founder of The Code Foundation, an AI-focused start-up. Anubhav is a Venkat Panchapakesan Memorial Scholarship awardee and an Intel Software Innovator.

Books from Anubhav Singh

  1. Hands-On Python Deep Learning for the Web
    Use the power of deep learning with Python to build and deploy intelligent web applications
  2. Mobile Deep Learning with TensorFlow Lite, ML Kit and Flutter

    Learn how to deploy effective deep learning solutions on cross-platform applications built using TensorFlow Lite, ML Kit, and Flutter