Andrew Shitov

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Andrew Shitov has been a Perl enthusiast since the end of the 1990s, and is the organizer of over 30 Perl conferences in eight countries. He worked as a developer and CTO in leading web-development companies, such as Art. Lebedev Studio, Booking dotCom, and eBay, and he learned from the "Fathers of the Russian Internet", Artemy Lebedev and Anton Nossik.

Andrew has been following the Perl 6 development since its beginning in 2000. He ran a blog dedicated to the language, published a series of articles in the Pragmatic Perl magazine, and gives talks about Perl 6 at various Perl events. In 2017, he published the Perl 6 at a Glance book by DeepText, which was the first book on Perl 6 published after the first stable release of the language specification.

Books from Andrew Shitov

  1. Perl 6 Deep Dive
    Learn Perl 6 effortlessly to solve everyday problems