Andrew Cutts

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Andrew Cutts holds a geography degree and a masters degree in GIS and has almost 20 years of experience in working with geospatial technology. He currently works as a freelance geospatial consultant. He has worked in local government, large multinational companies, and small and medium-sized enterprises. He has run a geospatial blog for almost 3 years and is a co-host of the #scenefromabove podcast. Andrew has spoken at events worldwide on GIS and Earth observation. He is a keen user of Python, especially for rapid prototyping for geospatial challenges. Currently, he is working with clients to maximize their investment with geospatial technology through direct consulting, training, and technical writing.

Books from Andrew Cutts

  1. Learn QGIS - Fourth Edition
    Learn to view, edit and analyse geospatial data using QGIS and Python 3
  2. QGIS Quick Start Guide
    Step through loading GIS data, creating GIS data, styling GIS and making maps with QGIS following a simple narrative that will allow you to build confidence as you progress.