Aly Saleh

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Aly Saleh is a technology entrepreneur, cloud transformation leader, and architect. He has worked for the past 2 decades on building large-scale software solutions and cloud-based platforms and services that are used by millions of users. He is a co-founder of MAVS Cloud, a start-up that empowers organizations to leverage the power of the cloud. He also played various technical roles at Oracle, Vodafone, FreshBooks, Aurea Software, and Ceros.

Aly holds degrees in computer science, and he has gained multiple credentials in AWS, GCP, and Kubernetes, with a focus on building cloud platforms, app modernization, containerization, and architecting distributed systems. He is an advocate for cloud best practices, remote work, and globally distributed teams.

Books from Aly Saleh

  1. Kubernetes in Production Best Practices
    Design, build, and operate scalable and reliable Kubernetes infrastructure for production