Alton Hardin

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Alton Hardin is an educator, poker coach, self-published and best-selling author, and full-time IT and business professional. He is also the founder of MicroGrinder Poker School, an online poker school dedicated to micro stakes poker players, where he provides a wide array of free and low-cost poker resources and poker training, included poker strategy articles and poker training video series.

Outside of poker, Alton is a full-time business and IT professional. He works in the field of cybersecurity. He has earned two graduate degrees, an MBA, and MS in IT network management; moreover, he currently holds multiple IT industry certifications.

He also has a love for teaching. As an undergraduate, he group-tutored chemistry students and as a graduate student, he taught a GMAT prep course. Upon graduating from his MBA program, he began teaching as an adjunct professional for the school of business and public administration at his local state university in the field of information systems and IT management.

Books from Alton Hardin

  1. Introduction to Windows Server 2016 for Beginners [Video]
    Learn the fundamentals of Windows Server 2016 system administration
  2. Create Your Own VirtualBox Windows Server Lab from Scratch! [Video]
    Learn to build and work with VMs (Virtual Machines) using VirtualBox running Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016