Alexis Ahmed

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Alexis Ahmed is an experienced penetration tester and security researcher with over 7 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry. He started off his career as a Linux system administrator and soon discovered a passion and aptitude for security and transitioned into a junior penetration tester. In 2017, he founded HackerSploit, a cybersecurity consultancy that specializes in penetration testing and security training, where he currently works as a senior penetration tester and trainer.

Alexis has multiple cybersecurity certifications, ranging from the CEH and Sec+ to OSCP, and is a certified ISO 27001 associate. He is also an experienced DevSecOps engineer and helps companies secure their Docker infrastructure.

Books from Alexis Ahmed

  1. Privilege Escalation Techniques
    Escalate your privileges on Windows and Linux platforms with step-by-step instructions and deepen your theoretical foundations