Alexandre DuBreuil

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Alexandre DuBreuil is a software engineer and generative music artist. Through collaborations with bands and artists, he has worked on many generative art projects, such as generative video systems for music bands in concerts that create visuals based on the underlying musical structure, a generative drawing software that creates new content based on a previous artist's work, and generative music exhibits in which the generation is based on real-time events and data. Machine learning has a central role in his music generation projects, and Alexandre has been using Magenta since its release for inspiration, music production, and as the cornerstone for making autonomous music generation systems that create endless soundscapes.

Books from Alexandre DuBreuil

  1. Hands-On Music Generation with Magenta
    RRP $27.99 Save 64%
    Design and use machine learning models for music generation using Magenta and make them interact with existing music creation tools