Alessandro Palmas

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Alessandro Palmas is an aerospace engineer with more than 7 years of proven expertise in software development for advanced scientific applications and complex software systems. As the R&D head in an aerospace & defense Italian SME, he coordinates projects in contexts ranging from space flight dynamics to machine learning-based autonomous systems. His main ML focus is on computer vision, 3D models, volumetric networks, and deep reinforcement learning. He also founded innovative initiatives, his last being Artificial Twin, which provides advanced technologies for machine learning, physical modeling, and computational geometry applications. Two key areas in which current Artificial Twin deep RL work is focused on are video games entertainment, and guidance, navigation & control systems.

Books from Alessandro Palmas

  1. The Reinforcement Learning Workshop
    Start with the basics of reinforcement learning and explore deep learning concepts such as deep Q-learning, deep recurrent Q-networks, and policy-based methods with this practical guide