Alessandro Di Gioia

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Alessandro Di Gioia has helped a variety of companies (from small startups to large enterprises for the past 18 years) embrace agile technical practices. He has worked in Italy and Norway. For the past few years, he has resided in London. His professional life changed when he came across agile methodologies, especially Extreme Programming. He likes concise, expressive, and readable code as well as making existing solutions better when needed. He is always trying to learn better ways of designing asynchronous distributed architectures and crafting software, in either an object-oriented or functional style. Although Alessandro considers himself a forever learner, he is also a coach and a mentor because he loves to share his experiences with others. Follow Alessandro on Twitter at @Parajao.

Books from Alessandro Di Gioia

  1. Agile Technical Practices Distilled
    RRP $20.99 Save 52%
    Delve deep into the various technical practices, principles, and values of Agile.