Alberto Boschetti

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Alberto Boschetti is a data scientist with expertise in signal processing and statistics. He holds a PhD in telecommunication engineering and currently lives and works in London. In his work projects, he faces challenges ranging from natural language processing (NLP) and behavioral analysis to machine learning and distributed processing. He is very passionate about his job and always tries to stay updated about the latest developments in data science technologies, attending meet-ups, conferences, and other events.

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Books from Alberto Boschetti

  1. TensorFlow Deep Learning Projects
    Leverage the power of Tensorflow to design deep learning systems for a variety of real-world scenarios
  2. Python Data Science Essentials - Third Edition
    Gain useful insights from your data using popular data science tools
  3. Modernizing Python Applications: Migrating to Python 3.x [Video]
    Great new features in Python 3.x to make coding easier for you