Alberto Artasanchez

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Alberto Artasanchez is a solutions architect with expertise in the cloud, data solutions, and machine learning. His career spans 28+ years in various industries. He is an AWS Ambassador and frequently publishes in various cloud and data science publications. Alberto is often tapped as a speaker on topics such as data science, big data, and analytics. He has a strong and extensive track record of designing and building end-to-end machine learning platforms at scale. He also has a long track record of leading data engineering teams. He has a great understanding of how technology drives business value and has a passion for creating elegant solutions to complicated problems.

Books from Alberto Artasanchez

  1. Artificial Intelligence with Python - Second Edition
    New edition of the bestselling guide to artificial intelligence with Python, updated to Python 3.x and TensorFlow 2, with seven new chapters that cover RNNs, AI & Big Data, fundamental use cases, chatbots, and more.
  2. AWS for Solutions Architects
    Apply cloud design patterns to overcome real-world challenges by building scalable, secure, highly available, and cost-effective solutions
  3. AWS for Solutions Architects - Second Edition
    Grow your knowledge of AWS cloud and learn how to create robust, highly available, fault-tolerant, and scalable solutions.