Ajdin Imsirovic

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Ajdin Imsirovic is a full-stack web developer who has published several courses on the subject of web design and web development. He has also authored three books, Bootstrap 4 Cookbook, Elm Web Development, and Vue.js Quick Start Guide. In his fourth book, Vue CLI 3 Quick Start Guide, he introduces readers to the rich ecosystem of frontend tooling and best practices.

Books from Ajdin Imsirovic

  1. Vue.js Quick Start Guide
    RRP €20.99 Save 52%
    Learn and explore all important features of Vue.js through a number of simple examples.
  2. Elm Web Development
    RRP €20.99 Save 52%
    Explore why ELM is a great alternative to using pure JavaScript and other JS-based solutions by building complete apps and websites.
  3. Bootstrap 4 Cookbook
    RRP €34.99 Save 71%
    Take your Bootstrap game to the next level with this practical guide
  4. Vue CLI 3 Quick Start Guide
    RRP €15.99 Save 83%
    Build Vue apps the right way using Vue CLI 3. Understand how the building blocks of Vue CLI 3 work including npm, webpack, babel, eslint, plugins, GUI, testing, and SCSS. Import third-party libraries and maintain your project.