Aidas Bendoraitis

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Aidas Bendoraitis has been professionally building websites for the past 18 years. For the last 14 years, he has been working at a design company, studio 38 pure communication, in Berlin. Together with a small dedicated team, he has mostly used Django in the backend and jQuery in the frontend to create cultural and touristic web platforms.Among different side projects, he is bootstrapping a SaaS business with strategic prioritizer 1st things 1st. Aidas Bendoraitis is active on Twitter and other social media under the username DjangoTricks.

Books from Aidas Bendoraitis

  1. Web Development with Django Cookbook - Second Edition
    Over 90 practical recipes to help you create scalable websites using the Django 1.8 framework
  2. Web Development with Django Cookbook
    Over 70 practical recipes to create multilingual, responsive, and scalable websites with Django
  3. Django: Web Development with Python
    From an idea to a prototype – a complete guide for web development with the Django framework
  4. Django 2 Web Development Cookbook - Third Edition
    Create unbelievably fast, robust and secure web apps with Django Web Framework and Python 3.6
  5. Django 3 Web Development Cookbook - Fourth Edition
    Practical recipes for building fast, robust, and secure web apps using Django 3 and Python