Aditya Iyengar

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Adi Iyengar is a Senior Software Engineer who has worked with Elixir since 2015. Over those years, he has worked across a wide array of applications, and authored / contributed to several open source projects including Elixir itself.

He is passionate about mentoring and sharing his knowledge with others, which is why he actively mentors Junior developers in Elixir and Software Engineering. He loves Elixir, Functional Programming and Test Driven Development.

When not coding, Adi can be seen playing Billiards, playing Guitar or Breakdancing. Adi also spends a good amount of his time keeping up with new developments in Particle Physics.

Books from Aditya Iyengar

  1. Build Your Own Web Framework in Elixir
    Use Elixir concepts such as metaprogramming to build maintainable web products with clean code