Abhishek Ratan

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Abhishek Ratan has around 15 years of technical experience in networking, automation, and various ITIL processes, and has worked in various roles in different organizations. As a network engineer, security engineer, automation engineer, TAC engineer, tech lead, and content writer, he has gained a wealth of experience during the 15 years of his career. Abhishek also has a deep interest in strategy game playing, and if he is not working on technical stuff, he is busy spending time on his strategy games. He is currently working as a Sr. Automation Engineer at ServiceNow, learning, and expanding his automation skills in the ServiceNow platform. His earlier experience includes working for companies such as Microsoft, Symantec, and Navisite,which has given him exposure to various environments.

Books from Abhishek Ratan

  1. Practical Network Automation
    Get More from your Network with Automation tools to increase its effectiveness.
  2. Practical Network Automation - Second Edition
    Leverage the power of Python, Ansible and other network automation tools to make your network robust and more secure
  3. Python Network Programming
    Power up your network applications with Python programming