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Understand and Use Microsoft Silverlight with JavaScript

by Dr.Jay Krishnaswamy | March 2008 | Web Development Web Graphics & Video

Silverlight is a cross-platform, cross-browser plug-in that renders XAML, the declarative tag-based files while exposing the JavaScript programming interface. It makes both developers and designers to collaborate and contribute to rich and interactive designs that are well integrated with Microsoft's Expression series of programs.

In this article by Jayaram Krishnaswamy we will be using Silverlight 1.0 with JavaScript.

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Understanding and Developing Node Modules

by David Herron | August 2011 | Open Source Web Development

Node is a newly-developed software platform that liberates JavaScript from the web browser, enabling it to be used as a general software development platform in server-side applications. It runs atop the ultra-fast JavaScript engine from the Chrome browser, V8, and adds in a fast and robust library of asynchronous network I/O modules. The primary focus of Node is on building high performance, highly scalable server and client applications for the "Real Time Web".

In this article by David Herron, author of Node Web Development, we shall:

  • Learn what a module is
  • Learn about the CommonJS module specification
  • Learn how Node finds modules
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Understanding Backbone

by Vadim Mirgorod | September 2013 | Cookbooks Open Source Web Development

This article by Vadim Mirgorod, the author of Backbone.js Cookbook gives you a brief description of Backbone.js. This article introduces you to an MVC pattern and the Backbone.js framework. By the end of this article, you will learn how to design Backbone applications in terms of MVC and create your first Backbone app using models, views, and routers.

In this article, we will cover the following points:

  • Designing an application with the MVC pattern
  • Defining business logic with models and collections
  • Modeling an application's behavior with views and a router
  • Creating an application structure from scratch
  • Writing your first Backbone application
  • Implementing URL routing in your application
  • Extending an application with plugins
  • Contributing to the Backbone project
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Understanding Business Activity Monitoring in Oracle SOA Suite

by Matt Wright | March 2009 | Architecture & Analysis BPEL SOA Web Services Java Oracle Web Development

The key objective driving service-oriented architecture is to move the IT organization closer to the business. Creation of services and their assembly into composite applications and processes is the mechanism by which IT can move to be more responsive to the business. However, it is the provision of real-time business information via dashboards that really gives business the confidence that IT can deliver. In this article by Matt Wright, we will examine how to use BAM (Business Activity Monitoring).

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Understanding Citrix®Provisioning Services 7.0

by Puthiyavan Udayakumar | January 2014 | Enterprise Articles Networking & Telephony

Citrix Provisioning Services is designed to connect to administrative roles within a Citrix Provisioning Services farm. A Citrix Provisioning Services administrator role is to govern the components an administrator can manage or view in the Citrix Provisioning Console. There are several components that make up a Citrix Provisioning Services farm that are explained in this article by Puthiyavan Udayakumar, author of Getting Started with Citrix®Provisioning Services 7.0, along with system requirements for running the software.

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Understanding Cython

by Philip Herron | October 2013 | .NET Open Source

In this article by Philip Herron, author of the Learning Cython Programming, will start to get serious with Cython and will discuss how to describe C declarations with respect to Cython along with calling conventions and type conversion.

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Understanding Data Reduction Patterns

by Pradeep Pasupuleti | April 2014 | Open Source

In this article by Pradeep Pasupuleti, author of Pig Design Patterns, we will discuss design patterns that perform dimensionality reduction using the principal component analysis technique, and numerosity reduction using the histogram technique.

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Understanding Express Routes

by Hage Yaapa | July 2013 | Web Development

This article is about routes the request interfaces to your application. We have seen and used some routes in the previous articles, but there is much more to routes than creating one by giving a name and including a callback function to handle the request.

In this article by Hage Yaapa, author of Express Web Application Development, you will get a deeper insight into how routes work and how you can customize them to make your application more flexible and powerful.

You will learn the following in this article.

  • How to define routes

  • How to handle routes

  • How to organize routes


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Understanding Expression Blend and How to Use it with Silverlight 4

by Frank LaVigne | April 2010 | Beginner's Guides Microsoft Web Development Web Graphics & Video

In this article by Frank LaVigne, author of Microsoft Silverlight 4 Business Application Development, we shall understand Expression Blend and how to use it in conjunction with Visual Studio.

Read Understanding Expression Blend and How to Use it with Silverlight 4 in full

Understanding jQuery and WordPress Together

by Tessa Blakeley Silver | September 2010 | Open Source WordPress

In this article by Tessa Blakeley Silver, author of Wordpress 3.0 jQuery, we will understand the following:

  • What WordPress themes are and do
  • The basics of creating your own WordPress themes
Read Understanding jQuery and WordPress Together in full

Understanding MapReduce

by Garry Turkington | August 2013 | Beginner's Guides Open Source

In this article by Garry Turkington the author of Hadoop Beginner's Guide, we will be:

  • Understanding how key/value pairs are the basis of Hadoop tasks
  • Learning the various stages of a MapReduce job
  • Examining the workings of the map, reduce, and optional combined stages in detail
  • Looking at the Java API for Hadoop and use it to develop some simple MapReduce jobs
  • Learning about Hadoop input and output
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Understanding master data

by Cristina Nicolàs Lorente Laura Nicolàs Lorente | October 2013 | Enterprise Articles

This article by Cristina Nicolàs Lorente and Laura Nicolàs Lorente, the author of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Financial Management provides a brief introduction on master data.

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Understanding Maven

by Maurizio Pillitu Maurizio Turatti | June 2013 | Open Source

This article by Maurizio Turatti and Maurizio Pillitu, the authors of Instant Apache Maven Starter, introduces the most important terms of the Maven vocabulary.

In this article, we will cover the following:

  • A Maven project

  • Super POM

  • Artifact

  • Minimal pom.xml

  • Parent (also known as POM Inheritance)

  • Plugin

  • Repository

Read Understanding Maven in full

Understanding outside-in

by Sujoy Acharya | November 2013 | Open Source

In this article by Sujoy Acharya, author of the book Test-Driven Development with Mockito, we will cover different styles of TDD and write code using them. Generally, the outside-in approach covers use case level functionality or is intended for acceptance tests. These tests provide regression suits and system documentation; if they fail, user/customer acceptance also fails.

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Understanding Passbook

by Keith D. Moon | July 2013 | Open Source

This article by Keith D. Moon, author of Instant Passbook App Development for iOS How-to will help you understand Passbook from the perspective of both, a user and a Pass creator.

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Understanding Point-In-Time-Recovery

by Hans-Jürgen Schönig Zoltan Böszörmenyi | September 2013 | Open Source

In this article by Hans-Jürgen Schönig and Zoltan Böszörmenyi, authors of PostgreSQL Replication, we will cover the following:

  • Understanding the concepts behind PITR
  • Configuring PostreSQL for PITR
  • Running pg_basebackup
  • Recovering PostgreSQL to a certain point in time
Read Understanding Point-In-Time-Recovery in full

Understanding Process Variation with Control Charts

by Isaac Newton | February 2014 | Cookbooks Enterprise Articles

This article, by Isaac Newton, author of Minitab Cookbook, will help you understand the different process variations that can be done in control charts using Minitab. Control charts are very simple graphical tools which show us if measurements/results are stable over time. They look at the mean and variation of the data and check to see whether the observed data shows any patterns that would not be expected to occur if the data was purely random. This special cause variation is indicated by tests that look for these patterns. They are based on there being a low probability of these patterns occurring randomly. Minitab provides a wide range of control charts for different scenarios. These include the standard control charts for monitoring a process over time such as Xbar-R or I-MR charts as well as multivariate control charts and charts to plot rare events. Now, we will look at using some of the more traditional charts, but also show the use of some of the newer charts in Minitab.

Read Understanding Process Variation with Control Charts in full

Understanding Services in JBoss

by Kevin Conner Len DiMaggio Magesh Kumar B Tom Cunningham | February 2012 | JBoss

The core of any Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) revolves around the definition of services and the way in which these services communicate with each other. How you choose to break up your application into services, whether dealing with the integration of legacy components or designing new functionality, and how they communicate can have a large effect on the performance, flexibility and resilience of your application.

In this article by Kevin Conner and Magesh Kumar Bojan, author of " target="_blank">JBoss ESB Beginner's Guide, we will cover JBoss ESB Services, explaining the structure of the ESB message, the mechanics behind the Action Pipeline and the choices you have for implementing actions.

You will learn about:

  • The structure of ESB messages and how to validate them
  • The configuration mechanism within JBoss ESB
  • The service pipeline and service actions
  • Service chaining and continuations
  • Transactional behavior and its effect on the pipeline
  • Security context and its propagation
Read Understanding Services in JBoss in full

Understanding ShapeSheet™ in Microsoft Visio 2010

by David John Parker | July 2010 | Enterprise Articles Microsoft

In this article by David J. Parker, author of Microsoft Visio 2010 Business Process Diagramming and Validation, we will discuss Microsoft Visio ShapeSheet™ and the key sections, rows, and cells, along with the functions available for writing ShapeSheet™ formulae, where relevant for structured diagrams.

Read Understanding ShapeSheet™ in Microsoft Visio 2010 in full

Understanding the big picture

by Jakub Nabrdalik Piotr Jagielski | September 2013 | Open Source

In this article, by Piotr Jagielski and Jakub Nabrdalik, the authors of Instant Spring Security Starter, covers in detail the security provided by Spring.

Read Understanding the big picture in full
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