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Executing Desired State Configuration (Advanced)

by Harshul Patel | November 2013 | Enterprise Articles

This article written by Harshul Patel, the author of the book Instant Windows PowerShell Guide, describes what needs to be done rather than covering imperative syntax and specifies how a task can be performed.

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Apache Solr PHP Integration

by Jayant Kumar | November 2013 | Open Source Web Development

Search is an integral part of any web application that is built today. Whether it is a content site, a job site, an ecommerce site or any other website, search plays a very important role in helping the user locate the information that he is looking for. As a developer it is imperative to provide the user of the website all the possible tools for searching and narrowing down to the required information. Apache Solr is a full text search engine which provides a large list of features for search. PHP is the preferred programming language for building websites.

This article written by Jayant Kumar, author of the book Apache Solr PHP Integration, will make the integration between Apache Solr and PHP easy for you. We will start with Solr installation. Look at how Solr can be integrated with PHP. And then explore the features provided by Solr through PHP code. After going through the book, you should be able to integrate almost all features provided by Solr into your PHP applications.

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Drawing and Drawables in Android Canvas

by Mir Nauman Tahir | November 2013 | Open Source Web Development

In this article by Mir Nauman Tahir, the author of the book Learning Android Canvas, our goal is to learn about the following:

  • Drawing on a Canvas
  • Drawing on a View
  • Drawing on a SurfaceView
  • Drawables
  • Drawables from resource images
  • Drawables from resource XML
  • Shape Drawables
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Creating Blog Content in WordPress

by Aaron Hodge Silver Karol Król | November 2013 | Content Management e-Commerce Open Source PHP WordPress

This article has been created by Karol Król and Aaron Hodge Silver, the author of WordPress 3.7 Complete Third Edition.

Now that your WordPress installation is up and running, you are ready to start creating content. In this article, you'll learn how to control all the information associated with a post, not just the title and content, but also images and media.

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Viewing on Mobile Devices

by Will Hacker | November 2013 | Open Source

In this article by Will Hacker, the author of the Mobile Prototyping with Axure 7, we will learn about getting our work on the mobile devices. The main reason for creating a prototype is to exercise a design idea to see if it matches the expectations of stakeholders and can be easily used by the people for whom we are designing. If it doesn't, and we fail, that's OK. That's why we make prototypes. Failing fast and learning from that are important parts of iterative design.

In this article we'll look at:

  • Publishing prototypes to AxShare
  • Creating home screen icons
  • Creating app splash pages
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Organizing a Virtual Filesystem

by Sergey Kosarevsky Viktor Latypov | November 2013 | Cookbooks Open Source

This article has written by Sergey Kosarevsky and Viktor Latypov, the authors of the book Android NDK Game Development Cookbook is devoted entirely to the asynchronous file handling, resource proxies, and resource compression. Many programs store their data as a set of files. Loading these files without blocking the whole program is an important issue. Human interface guidelines for all modern operating systems prescript the application developer to avoid any delay, or "freezing", in the program's workflow (known as the Application Not Responding (ANR) error in Android).

In this article we will cover:

  • Abstracting file streams
  • Implementing portable memory-mapped files
  • Implementing file writers
  • Working with in-memory files
  • Implementing mount points
  • Enumerating files in the .zip archives
  • Decompressing files from the .zip archives
  • Loading resources asynchronously
  • Storing application data
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Preparation Analysis of Data Source

by Robert Bosco J | November 2013 | Open Source

In this article by Robert Bosco J, author of PowerPivot and Advanced Reporting and Dashboards, we will learn to explore ways to prepare data for analysis. Different types of data sources that can be imported into the PowerPivot interface have been described. A general overview of the ETL process has also been given.

The following topics will be covered in this article:

  • List of data sources
  • Purpose of import data from a variety of sources
  • General overview of ETL
Read Preparation Analysis of Data Source in full

Styling the User Interface

by Bryan P. Johnson John Earl Clark | November 2013 | Open Source

Now that we have an understanding of how an application is put together, we are going to take a look at some of the different visual elements you can use to customize your application. In this article by John Earl Clark and Bryan P. Johnson, the authors of Sencha Touch 2 Mobile JavaScript Framework, we will:

  • Take a closer look at toolbars and buttons, using layouts, and additional styles and icons to boost the visual appeal of the user interface
  • Expand on our previous work with icons; this includes using the Pictos icon font to display new icons
  • Talk about the considerations and shortcuts for working with different devices and screen sizes
  • Explore the incredibly powerful Sencha theme engine using Sass and Compass to create complex visual skins using simple CSS-style commands
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Unity Networking – The Pong Game

by Alan R. Stagner | November 2013 | Open Source

In this article by Alan R. Stagner, author of the book Unity Multiplayer Games you'll be introduced with the concept of reliable UDP communication, and different types of servers employed by games. It covers Unity Networking, and creating a networked two-player Pong clone.

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Configuring Roles for High Availability

by Marius Sandbu | November 2013 | Enterprise Articles

This article, by Marius Sandbu, the Author of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, covers how you can deploy different Configuration Manager roles that are highly available.

Read Configuring Roles for High Availability in full


by Jonas X. Yuan Xinsheng Chen | November 2013 | e-Commerce Open Source

This article by Xinsheng Chen and Dr. Jonas Yuan, the authors of the book Liferay 6.2 User Interface Development, covers the main aspects of portlets and their development. It introduces the ways to develop simple JSR 286 portlets, Spring MVC portlets, and Vaadin portlets. It describes how to implement the view, edit, and help modes of a portlet.

Read Portlet in full

Working with Data Components

by K. Siva Prasad Reddy | November 2013 | JBoss Open Source

In this article by K. Siva Prasad Reddy, author of PrimeFaces Beginner's Guide, we will learn about several data iteration components of PrimeFaces, which include DataList, DataTable, DataGrid, and so on. These can be used to display data in a tabular format. Also, PrimeFaces provides the DataExporter component to export data into PDF, Excel, CSV, or XML formats.

The topics covered in this article are:

  • Displaying data in a list layout using DataList
  • Displaying data in a tabular format using DataTable
  • Displaying data in a grid layout using the DataGrid component
  • Exporting data into PDF, XLS, CSV, and XML formats using DataExporter
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CodeIgniter Email and HTML Table

by Rob Foster | November 2013 | Open Source

CodeIgniter comes with some useful libraries and functions for handling many aspects of application development. In this article by Rob Foster, author of CodeIgniter 2 Cookbook, you will look at Email and HTML tables. The CodeIgniter Email library is capable of sending plain text and HTML e-mails, with and without attachments that can be used (with a little configuration) instead of the standard PHP mail() function.

Read CodeIgniter Email and HTML Table in full

Data Acquisition and Mapping

by Marinos Koutsomichalis | November 2013 | Open Source

This article by Marinos Koutsomichalis, the author of Mapping and Visualization with SuperCollider, elaborates on machine listening (that is, how to extract information out of audio signals) and discusses basic mappings and encodings using SuperCollider.

The topics covered in this article are as follows:

  • Machine listening
  • Tracking amplitude and loudness
  • Tracking frequency
  • Timbre analysis and feature detection
Read Data Acquisition and Mapping in full

Augmented Reality

by Dr. Raphael Grasset Jens Grubert | November 2013 | Open Source

In this article by Jens Grubert and Dr. Raphael Grasset, authors of the book Augmented Reality for Android Application Development, you will learn about the AR concepts.

Read Augmented Reality in full
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