Your First Steps from Programmer to Software Architect [Video]

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  • You will understand what Software Architecture is all about and understand the ROLE of a Software Architect
  • You will understand the MINDSET needed to transition into Software Architecture Roles
  • You will learn what are the FIRST STEPS you can do today to START YOUR JOURNEY towards becoming a Software Architect
  • You will understand the FUNDAMENTAL PILLARS of Sofware Architecture - Technology, Domain Knowledge and Soft Skills.
  • You will understand the IMPORTANCE of Enterprise and Application STANDARDS with examples of REST API and Microservice Standards.
  • You will be provided Resources which will Help You Learn more about Software Architecture.

Becoming a Software Architect is the Next Step for a Programmer. The Path to Become a Software Architect is NOT very clear. Do you want to understand How to Become a Software Architect? Do you want to know what is Involved in Building Great Architectures? Do you want to Know What You Can Do TODAY to become a Great Architect? How to become a Software Architect? This is the number one question that I’m asked when talking to Programmers and Senior Developers. And this course provides an answer to that question. In this course, You will learn how to start your journey towards becoming a Software Architect. You will understand what Architecture is all about and what your goal as an Architect should be. You will understand the thought process of successful Software Architects. You will learn about the fundamental pillars of Sofware Architecture - Technology Skill, Domain Knowledge, and Soft Skills. You will understand the importance of Enterprise and Application Standards with examples of REST API and Microservice Standards. You will learn about the importance of having Good Governance as a Software Architecture Team. You will learn how to make your teams productive. In this course, we will NOT discuss specific architecture patterns. The objective to get your mindset right. Start Learning Now. Hit the Enroll Button!

Style and Approach

The instructor is very knowledgeable and has given a very good introduction to the topic and will give you the right direction to improve your knowledge in this area and also to identify gaps in your knowledge and resources to find answers to them.

  • A lot of preparation work has taken place from the teacher and this is visible throughout the course.
  • Wonderful teaching skills, and goes well out of his way to make sure that everything he is doing is fully understood.
  • Real Project Experiences using the Best Tools and Frameworks
Course Length 1 hour 18 minutes
ISBN 9781838555702
Date Of Publication 15 Jan 2019


Ranga Karanam

Ranga Karanam of in28Minutes fame is an architect with 15 years of Java programming and design experience with major banking clients across the world. He started in28Minutes with the aim of creating hands-on courses with real-world projects. The Step-By-Step series of courses is one of his creations. They use a problems-solution based step-by-step approach with practical, and real-world application examples. While their primary expertise is in the development, design, and architecture of Java and related frameworks (Spring, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Struts, Hibernate), they are expanding into the front-end world (Bootstrap, JQuery, Angular JS). The foundations for building high-quality applications are best laid down while learning. They love open source and therefore, all their code is open source too and available on Github. They use the 80-20 rule, touching upon other things to briefly equip you with enough knowledge to find out more on your own.