Xcode 6 Essentials

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  • Create a complete project using Xcode and build native apps for Apple devices
  • Learn the basics of Swift, get started with coding, and program your own app quickly
  • Learn to design your UI in the storyboard rather than recreating it in a mockup tool and importing it to Xcode
  • Discover the basics of creating a custom control with live previews in Interface Builder
  • Migrate your custom code into frameworks
  • Get familiar with debugging and troubleshooting your code
  • Package your code and build for the App Store

Apple made their iOS devices easy to use and now they have extended that to their development tools such as Xcode. In Xcode, you can create native applications in the easiest way. Apple's new Xcode technology is making the development curve smoother with its easy-to-develop features and enhancements.

Xcode can now write code with the performance-upgraded, brand new, innovative language called Swift, so you no longer need to rely on third-party frameworks to create applications.

The book gives you a tour of the new features of Xcode 6. It introduces some important aspects such as the Swift language and its Playgrounds with visual live coding, creating interfaces, storyboards, controllers, frameworks, and live previews. Diving more into the subject, this books shows you how to debug your code, and how to build and test the application on a device or the simulator.

  • Explore the world of Xcode's enhancements along with Apple's brand new language Swift
  • Create a mobile app visually with very little coding
  • A practical guide to start coding in Swift without any prior experience in Apple software developing
Page Count 160
Course Length 4 hours 48 minutes
ISBN 9781784394431
Date Of Publication 28 Jan 2015


Jayant Varma

Jayant Varma is a technophile with a career spanning more than two decades and was introduced to computing in the days of 8-bit computers and Z80 chips. While managing the IT and telecom department at BMW's dealerships in India and Oman, and Nissan in Qatar, he worked extensively on Windows, AS/400, and Unix. His love for traveling inspired him to work and travel to several countries. He is currently based in Australia.

Jayant's technological journey began as a Microsoft technologies developer and then diversified. His focus is now on Apple and mobile technologies. He has a master's degree in business administration and IT from James Cook University, Australia. He also lectured at James Cook University and coordinated the onshore and off-shore teaching of Linux/Unix administration. Jayant has worked closely with the Australian Computer Society (ACS) and Apple University Consortium (AUC) on workshops and projects.

He authored the book Learn Lua for iOS Game Development, Apress, and has also been a technical reviewer on several titles. As a founder, consultant, and developer at OZApps (www.oz-apps.com), he helps organizations and individuals integrate technology into their businesses and strategies. He also conducts training sessions and workshops, and writes blogs to share his knowledge with the community.