Xamarin.Forms Projects

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  • Set up a machine for Xamarin development
  • Get to know about MVVM and data bindings in Xamarin.Forms
  • Understand how to use custom renderers to gain platform-specific access
  • Discover Geolocation services through Xamarin Essentials
  • Create an abstraction of ARKit and ARCore to expose as a single API for the game
  • Learn how to train a model for image
  • classification with Azure Cognitive Services

Xamarin.Forms is a lightweight cross-platform development toolkit for building applications with a rich user interface.

In this book you'll start by building projects that explain the Xamarin.Forms ecosystem to get up and running with building cross-platform applications. We'll increase in difficulty throughout the projects, making you learn the nitty-gritty of Xamarin.Forms offerings. You'll gain insights into the architecture, how to arrange your app's design, where to begin developing, what pitfalls exist, and how to avoid them. The book contains seven real-world projects, to get you hands-on with building rich UIs and providing a truly cross-platform experience. It will also guide you on how to set up a machine for Xamarin app development. You'll build a simple to-do application that gets you going, then dive deep into building advanced apps such as messaging platform, games, and machine learning, to build a UI for an augmented reality project.

By the end of the book, you'll be confident in building cross-platforms and fitting Xamarin.Forms toolkits in your app development. You'll be able to take the practice you get from this book to build applications that comply with your requirements.

  • Explore SQLite through Xamarin to store locations for various location-based applications
  • Make a real-time serverless chat service by using Azure SignalR service
  • Build Augmented Reality application with the power of UrhoSharp together with ARKit and ARCore
Page Count 416
Course Length 12 hours 28 minutes
ISBN 9781789537505
Date Of Publication 27 Dec 2018


Johan Karlsson

Johan Karlsson has been working with Xamarin since the days of MonoTouch and Mono for Android, and it all started with writing a game. He is a full-stack developer, currently focusing on mobile applications using Xamarin. But he has, in the past, worked a lot with ASP.NET MVC, Visual Basic.NET, and C#. He has also created a whole bunch of databases in SQL Server over the years.

Johan works at tretton37 in Sweden and has about 20 years experience in the trade of assembling ones and zeros.

Daniel Hindrikes

Daniel Hindrikes is a developer and architect whose passion is for developing mobile apps powered by the cloud. Daniel fell in love with Xamarin in its early days, when he realized that he could use C# even for iOS and Android apps, and that he could share code with the Windows applications he was building. But Daniel started to build mobile applications long before that: he built Android applications with Java and even Java ME applications (a long, long time ago).

Daniel enjoys sharing his knowledge, for example, by speaking at conferences, blogging, and recording the podcast The Code Behind.

Daniel works at tretton37 in Sweden and has experience of working with both local and global customers.