Working With iOS Touch ID and Face ID [Video]

More Information
  • Building NoteVC
  • Creating Note Model, LockStatus Enum, & Dummy Data
  • Building NoteCell & Subclass
  • Building NoteDetailVC
  • Passing Note Data to NoteDetailVC
  • Writing helper functions & updating NoteCell Subclass
  • Authenticating with Touch ID / Face ID & updating information

This is the most comprehensive, yet straight-forward, a course for the implementing Touch ID and Face ID. We are going to build an app SecureNotes to secure our content in iOS. Whether you have never programmed before, already know basic syntax, or want to learn about the advanced features of app building, this course is for you!
This course will teach you to build an app for platform specific to iOS 7 to iOS 11 in a practical manner, with every lecture comes to a full coding screencast.

All the code and supporting files for this course are available at:

Style and Approach

This friendly course takes you through Touch ID and FaceID. It is packed with step-by-step instructions and working examples. This comprehensive course is divided into clear bite-size chunks so you can learn at your own pace and focus on the areas of most interest to you.

  • Touch ID and Face ID for designing highly available, cost-efficient, and scalable applications
  • Build and manage applications with ease using the different features of TouchID and Face ID
  • Master techniques for building your application in an efficient way.
Course Length 1 hour 12 minutes
ISBN 9781789955538
Date Of Publication 24 Nov 2018


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