Working with Data and Cloud in Spring 5.0 [Video]

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  • Develop simple applications to integrate Spring with JPA and Big Data technologies
  • Learn how Spring Cloud helps you develop solutions for configuration management, service discovery, circuit breakers, and intelligent routing
  • Understand the basics of Spring Cloud Data Flow and use it to build basic data flow use cases
  • Explore programming with asynchronous data streams
  • Understand best practices in developing enterprise applications with Spring

Spring 5.0 is due to arrive with a myriad of new and exciting features that will change the way we’ve used the framework so far. This video will show you this evolution—from solving the problems of testable applications to building distributed applications on the cloud. The video begins with an insight into the new features in Spring 5.0 and shows you how to build an application using Spring MVC. You will realize how application architectures have evolved from monoliths to those built around microservices. You will then get a thorough understanding of how to build and extend microservices using Spring Boot. You will also understand how to build and deploy Cloud-Native microservices with Spring Cloud. The advanced features of Spring Boot will be illustrated through powerful examples. We will be introduced to a JVM language that’s quickly gaining popularity - Kotlin. Also, we will discuss how to set up a Kotlin project in Eclipse. By the end of the video, you will be equipped with the knowledge and best practices required to develop microservices with the Spring Framework.

Style and Approach

This video follows an end-to-end tutorial approach with lots of examples and sample applications, covering the major building blocks of the Spring framework.

  • Explore the new features and components in Spring
  • Evolve towards microservices and cloud-native applications
  • Gain powerful insights into advanced concepts of Spring and Spring Boot to develop applications more effectively
  • Understand the basics of Kotlin and use it to develop a quick service with Spring Boot 
Course Length 1 hour 21 minutes
ISBN 9781788837712
Date Of Publication 26 Oct 2017


Ranga Rao Karanam

Ranga Rao Karanam is the founder of in28Minutes, a company that trains 300,000 developers across the globe in relation to the cloud, microservices, Spring, Spring Boot, and Containers. He loves programming, and loves consulting for start-ups on developing scalable cloud applications and following modern development practices, such as BDD, continuous delivery, and DevOps. In his spare time, he loves hiking, cricket, and tennis. His ambition is to spend a year hiking the Himalayas.