Working with Camera and Images in iOS Apps [Video]

More Information
  • See how to import images
  • Know how to format and display images
  • Allow users to take images
  • Save images that a user has taken
  • Display images in a UITableView
  • Save images and other types of large data into Core Data
  • Use proper image layout
  • Let users select previously taken images

Images bring a whole new level of excitement to an app. Without them, apps are dull and bland. In this course, you’ll not only learn to work with image files, but also how to access the camera on iOS devices to allow users to take pictures.

You’ll start by learning the fundamentals of working with images in Xcode. You’ll see how to import images and properly lay them out in your app storyboard files. Then you’ll learn how to access hardware on iOS devices to allow users to take images and save them.

We then bring everything together by creating a Collector app. This app allows a user to take an image of something, give it a proper name, and then use this as a database to reference the collection. This will reinforce what you previously learned and apply it to a fully functional practical app that uses Core Data to save images.

Style and Approach

This video is a step-by-step guide to help you get started with iOS application development by providing a solid foundation to core iOS concepts, techniques, and the Swift programming language. Every section contains practical examples, so you will understand how iOS development works, see the latest features of iOS 11, and know when and where to apply the core iOS techniques.

  • Add images to any app
  • Access iOS hardware to allow users to take images
  • Learn how to properly display images in TableView and Save in CoreData
Course Length 1 hour 53 minutes
ISBN 9781788291330
Date Of Publication 26 Feb 2018


Nick Walter

Nick Walter - Mobile and Web Developer - iOS, Android, Django, Python. etc He loves to code. About five years ago he decided that he wanted to learn to code, but he had limited access to programming resources, and he was getting frustrated with all of the YouTube videos and online tutorials out there. He experimented, struggled, and definitely failed a lot, but he finally got the hang of it, so he decided that he wanted to change the way that people learned to code, and he started teaching. His experience as an online student has directly influenced his teaching style because he knows what it is like to be in your shoes. When Apple announced its new programming language, Swift, in 2014, he made his big online teaching debut and created the internet's first Swift course. Since that time, he has become a full-time online instructor and he now has courses not only in Swift, but also in iOS, Android, Django, Kotlin, Python, HTML, Blockchain, etc. He had also created five iOS apps from scratch that are currently live in the App Store and are being used by thousands of users worldwide. He love's sharing his excitement for coding with his students, and he did try to make learning as fun and as easy as possible. Thanks for being part of the coding community!