Wireshark Certified Network Analyst Certification - WCNA Exam Guide

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  • Download, install and update Wireshark
  • Perform a packet capture of both wired and wireless traffic
  • Learn how to analyze save and trim the capture file
  • Learn how to use Wireshark command line tools
  • Learn how to import capture files from TCPDump and other vendor tools
  • Learn all the essential resources to pass the WCNA exam

The Wireshark Certified Network Analyst Certification tests candidate's knowledge regarding network sniffing, network troubleshooting and security. This book will be a complete Wireshark guide starting from basic installation to advanced methods of network security and troubleshooting.

This book will start off with an overview of Wireshark and its features. You will also learn about the basics of network analysis. The next set of chapters will help you to use Wireshark for capturing and analyzing wired and wireless traffic. You will also understand how to use GeoIP to personalize Wireshark as well as learn about the basic colorization scheme in Wireshark. Going ahead, you will analyze network traffic with the help of time values in Wireshark. You will also identify network issues using various statistical analyses. The last set of chapters will help you to create filters and work with data streams and data reassembly. You will be able to customize Wireshark using profiles as well. The book will have practice questions at the end of each chapter with a few mock exams towards the end.

By the end of this book, readers will have all the information required to ace the WCNA exam and become proficient in using Wireshark.

  • Master network analysis, security and troubleshooting using Wireshark
  • Understand Wireshark's feature set via real-world case studies
  • Gauge your Wireshark skills by giving mock tests and up to date exam questions
Page Count 520
Course Length 15 hours 36 minutes
ISBN 9781838551674
Date Of Publication 31 Dec 2019


Richard Lawrence

Richard Lawrence, WCNA has over 20 years experience as a Senior Network and Systems Engineer/Architect in a variety of verticals and Managed Service Provider environments. He currently specializes in Enterprise Management, network engineering, monitoring and troubleshooting, packet capture and analysis, and knowledge management and has co-authored a patent in network security design.