Windows Phone 7.5 Application Development with F#

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  • Windows Phone application development with function language F#
  • Work with Windows Phone controls
  • Understand screen orientations in Windows Phone
  • Discover page navigation in Windows Phone
  • Get to grips with gesture events in Windows Phone
  • Explore data access and storage in Windows Phone
  • Become familiar with handlers and choosers in Windows Phone
  • Learn more about sensors in Windows Phone

Windows Phone is an OS which is also a platform in itself and provides an opportunity for application developers to build their apps and sell them on the Windows Phone Marketplace. Windows Phone is slowly catching up in the race with iOS and Android. Although well suited for scientific and mathematical calculations, the Windows Phone Platform provides an opportunity to program in F#.

"Windows Phone 7.5 Application Development with F#"  focuses on making the user aware of Windows Phone App Development with the F# programming language in as short a time as possible. The book teaches you about the development environment, helps you understand the project structure, understand the controls, and ends with some of the cool features of the platform like sensors, launchers, and choosers.

The book starts off with enabling the user with the right tools required to start developing. It focuses on getting the IDE ready, and project and item templates. By the end of the book the user will be familiarized with the different aspects of the platform itself. The transition from one chapter to another is short and focused so that you can get to the meat of the topic quickly.

  • Understand the Windows Phone application development environment and F# as a language
  • Discover how to work with Windows Phone controls using F#
  • Learn how to work with gestures, navigation, and data access
Page Count 138
Course Length 4 hours 8 minutes
ISBN 9781849687843
Date Of Publication 14 Apr 2013


Lohith G.N.

Lohith G. N. who hails from Mysore, India and currently residies in Bangalore, India has over 12 years of software development experience. Currently he works as developer evangelist for Telerik in India and takes care of evangelism for the South Indian region. Lohith comes from a production engineering background and ended up in software development thanks to the FORTRAN language that he learnt during his graduation days. Well versed with the .NET platform, Lohith has experience building web applications, Windows applications, and service-oriented architecture. Lohith has spent close to a decade mostly in the services-based industry and is well versed with the agile method of software development.

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