WildFly: New Features

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  • Install and set up your very own WildFly server
  • Deploy applications using the CLI, the Management Console, and the deployment scanner
  • Configure the WildFly Log
  • Manage data sources and encrypt their passwords
  • Manage WildFly through the CLI and the Management Console
  • Migrate to WildFly from JBoss 7
  • Install new modules
  • Tune the JVM and garbage collector

WildFly, formerly known as JBoss Application Server, is a flexible, lightweight, managed application runtime that helps you build amazing applications. Applications made in WildFly are Java J2EE applications, developed entirely in Java, and thus they can be run on any operating system. The new WildFly release has a highly optimized boot process and implements the latest JEE7 patterns, which provide great performance to developers.

This book explores all the new features that WildFly has to offer, and will provide you with the skills you need to successfully install, customize, and configure the WildFly server properly. Starting from the basics, this book will cover how to set up your WildFly server step by step—from Java installation to the final configuration of the server. It also delves deep into the nuances of WildFly configuration and how to set up your WildFly server to improve security and performance. This book is an easy-to-follow guide full of hands-on examples of administration tasks and valuable information about security.

  • Learn about the latest WildFly components, including CLI management, classloading, and custom modules
  • Customize your web server and applications by managing logs, virtual hosts, and the context root
  • Explore the vast variety of features and configurations that can be implemented through CLI and the Management Console
Page Count 142
Course Length 4 hours 15 minutes
ISBN 9781783285891
Date Of Publication 22 May 2014


Filippe Costa Spolti

Filippe Costa Spolti was born in Sao Joaquim, southern Brazil, considered one of the coldest cities in the country, but now lives in Minas Gerais. He works in the field of information technology and is a follower of the open source community. He contributes to open source projects, such as WildFly and Muffin. He currently works with management infrastructure in which the front-end is a park of physical and virtual servers running diverse critical business applications, and where he works mainly on the application servers, such as JBoss, Tomcat, and Apache. He is a professional, very flexible, and open to learning new technologies. He is a creator and maintainer of the hrStatus project, which is a free software for the DST Brazil. He is also currently working as an administrator of IBM PureSystems, which, by the way, was first deployed in Brazil and gave his company an international use case of the product.

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