Web Development with Node.js, MongoDB and Express [Video]

More Information
  • How to build a module in Node.js
  • What the stream API is in Node.js
  • Learn to test your code with Mocha.js
  • Test your web API automatically
  • What async programming is
  • Learn how to transform callbacks to promises and async functions
  • See how to use a MongoDB database with Node.js
  • Create a data-backed website in Node.js

Node.js is the JavaScript runtime in the console. Now you can use JavaScript outside the browser. As a developer, you need to know just one language to build an application for the World Wide Web.

In this course we teach you how to use Node.js; you will learn why Node.js is very easy to work with. Node.js is also built for asynchronous programming. With async functions now part of the JavaScript specification your code will look much better than before. We will assist you with writing this kind of code.
One of the most used web framework in Node.js, Express.js will have no secret anymore for you. We touch on all the basics to build a modern web application with Node.js by using Express.js.

With this course, you will learn to build your own web application in Node.js. At the end of the course, you will store, search, and manage data in MongoDB. 

Style and Approach

This course presents the theoretical and technical aspects necessary to start with Node.js, Express.js, and MongoDB.

  • Learn how to program in Node.js
  • Develop web services and web applications in Express.js
  • Use MongoDB to store, search, and manage big data
Course Length 3 hours 15 minutes
ISBN 9781786463425
Date Of Publication 30 Oct 2017


Joris Hermans

Joris Hermans is a Senior Software Developer with more than 10 years' experience in programming for the web. He loves to teach and coach other people about all the great aspects of developing for the web. He has worked for an online directory company creating web applications with more than a million page views a week. You will also find him creating great projects on GitHub. He loves to participate in a lot of discussions regarding the evolution of the web. Following new technology trends is a kind of hobby for him.

With a few video courses already under his belt, Joris Hermans is definitely the kind of teacher you want to go on a new learning adventure with.

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